Working together

The population of Edinburgh is diverse with areas of wealth and economic deprivation, with the population projected to increase faster than any other city in Scotland over the next 20 years.

Each locality within Edinburgh has areas of economic disadvantage, however deprivation and health inequalities are not confined to areas of multiple deprivation. Understanding this landscape, provides us with insight to inform planning and guide operational priorities across localities.

By working together, we can build resilient communities, where individuals are supported by their families, neighbours and services that are local to them.

We want to:

  • Build independence and resilience at an individual and community level

  • Create cohesive and seamless services across all age groups and ages

  • Ensure individuals are empowered to design their own care

  • Ensure resources are joined up and working together both within and across localities and third and independent sector

  • Build stronger and better-connected communities that meet the needs of individuals who fall below the statutory criteria

  • Ensure individuals know what services are available and how to access these services

  • Carers are supported to carry out their role in a way that supports the carers health and wellbeing

Together we can make a difference

Localities provide “front door” access to health and social care services and individuals benefit from localised opportunities. The Edinburgh Partnership is responsible for developing plans that describe its priorities and planned improvements. There is a city-wide plan and each locality has their own locality improvement plan which focus on the priorities of each locality.

North West
North East
South West
South East

The locality planning forums that have helped shape and develop the locality improvement plans have a range of community representatives and individuals who provide health and social care services . There is a range of engagement activities within localities that will determine local needs based on feedback.

Using your feedback

As part of the development of the EIJB strategic plan, we ran a three-month consultation process from April to July 19. We engaged with citizens, people who use our services, staff and colleagues in the third and independent sector. Around 450 engaged with us in the process with 106 online responses.

We consulted on:

  • Our vision and values

  • The principles of home first

  • The Edinburgh health and social care offer

  • The Three conversations approach

  • Equalities outcomes

Feedback was that individuals supported the direction of travel; however further detail was needed on the implementation. Feedback captured during the consultation periods and considered when drafting the new strategic plan.